Pozibility | Semiconductor Services
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Semiconductor Services

You define!! We design!!

Turnkey Chip Design Solutions from RTL2GDSII

You define!! We design!! Our strength at Pozibility is the ability to execute semiconductor projects from RTL to GDSII. Our specialized team with in house tools helps us to cater OEM’s to leverage our skill with cost saving up to 30% to go to market of different segments. Our end to end services from RTL to GDSII have provided a risk free timely solutions.

Pozibility is focused on providing services and solutions in

  • FPGA Design – ASIC Prototyping
  • RTL Design Implementation
  • Design Verification
  • Physical Design Solutions
  • Circuit Design, Characterization and Layout Design

RTL Design Implementation

  • Micro architecture Design and RTL Coding (Verilog, VHDL)
  • RTL top integration and verification
  • Low Power methodology (UPF)
  • AMBA AXI, AHB, APB Protocols, OCP, ARM Subsystems
  • Quality checks like LINT, CDC
  • Synthesis and Static Timing Analysis
  • Formal Verification, CLP, LEC
  • Expert RTL Design Implementation Team  – Hire Now! sales@pozibility.in

Design Verification

  • IP  and SOC level Verification Architecture development, Test Bench development
  • Low power architecture and CPF/UPF flow setup
  • System Verilog/Specman/UVM
  • Functional verification signoff (code coverage, functional coverage, formal verification, assertion, Gate-level simulation)
  • Power aware Gate level Simulation
  • Expert Design Verification Team  – Hire Now! sales@pozibility.in

DFT Services

  • DFT Planning, Architecture, Flow and Methodology Development.
  • DFT Implementation : UDR definitions for better controllability, Test Pin-Muxing, SCAN Insertion, LBIST Insertion, Compression Logic Insertion,
  • Boundary Scan Insertion, MBIST insertion and IOs.
  • ATPG, ATPG verification, ATE Patterns & Silicon debug
  • DFT simulations for zero delay and timing for SCAN, Boundary SCAN, MBIST & LBIST modes.
  • Pre-silicon and Post-silicon Debug.
  • ATE Test Program development and Production support.
  • Expert DFT Team  – Hire Now! sales@pozibility.in

Physical Design and Verification

  • Setting up Physical Design and Verification flow/metholodology
  • Fullchip and Block level Implementation from
  • Advance Low Power methodology Implementation
  • High Speed design Implementation (ARM, GPU, DSP, WLAN IP subsystems).
  • Complex Block Implementation (Modem, Camera).
  • Full chip, Block level signoff closure (static timing analysis, formal verification, dynamic and leakage power, physical verification, low power).
  • Flow and methodology migration and support.
  • Technology experience on varying process nodes optimized for performance, power ranging from 28nm, 20nm, 16nm, 10nm and 7nm
  • Expert Physical Design Team  – Hire Now! sales@pozibility.in

Circuit and Layout Design

  • Analog, RF, PMIC, IO and Memory
  • SPEC to GDS for various Technology nodes
  • Foundation IP Design, Layout and Characterization : Standard cell, Memory and IO
  • Complete Library Development
  • Turnkey product Handover
  • 7nm,28 nm & 32 nm are recent executions
  • Expert Circuit and Layout Design Team  – Hire Now! sales@pozibility.in