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Pozibility has moved to 150 Seating Capacity Brand New Office Space, 3 Dedicated ODC Space.

Pozibility is Associate Partner for IESA Vision Summit 2020

Pozibility @ SemIsrael Expo 2019

Pozibility at SemIsrael Expo 2019

We are pleased to announce that Pozibility Technologies is exhibiting at SemIsrael Expo 2019 on the 19 th Nov 2019.
SemIsrael Expo 2019 is the premier professional semiconductor event in Israel. The event brings together hundreds of Israeli semiconductor professionals from all fields and aspects of the semiconductor industry.
The Expo will host some 1,000 semiconductor professionals from all the Israeli semiconductor community; local fabless & start-ups, local R&D offices of multinationals and IDMs, foundries, design houses, labs and universities.
It is well known that Pozibility delivers cutting edge solutions across diverse portfolio of Semiconductor Services that includes ASIC Design and Verification, Physical Design, Circuit & Layout Design, DFT, FPGA Design & Prototyping.
Pozibility team is looking forward to welcoming you at the booth No. 48!

Pozibility: Precision Design Services Guaranteed by Experienced Professionals

Ayyamma Prakash Gudnavar
-Founder & CEO

The semiconductor industry is driving the growth of technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT revolution has not only multiplied the demand for semiconductor chips but also shifted the value capture to software and solutions. Outsourcing design services is a trend that is helping such organizations to keep pace with the growing demands and meet the supply gap resolutions. Based out of Bengaluru, Pozibility technologies is a design services company focused to enable global customers with innovative IC Design, Embedded software, Software Testing and System Design Solutions. With founders having more than 20 years of Experience in ASIC Design Services and Embedded Software development, Pozibility has demonstrated excellent Project management and quality services at competitive cost.

Empowering customers to convert product ideas to reality, delivering the best-in-class semiconductor solutions through a motivated teams of skilled Engineers, who have the expertise inASIC/SOC architecture design, RTL Coding and Verification, FPGA Design & Prototyping, Synthesis & STA, Formal Verification, DFT, PD, Analog Mixed Signal Design & Layout. The core team has expertise from Pre-silicon development to boot loader to device drivers to hardware abstraction layers.  The expert team at offshore shares the project risks and helps clients meet their design schedules. Pozibility’s business model allows clients in providing efficient, expert and economical solutions. Pozibility is delivering the best-in-class system design solutions through a motivated team of skilled system design Engineers, having the expertise in architecture design, schematics capture & board layout, prototyping, bring-up testing & validation.

“Pozibility’s business model allows clients in providing efficient, expert and economical solutions”

With the increase of devices and cross platform compatibility issues, ensuring quality is a major concern. In this context everything comes down to the qualification phase, which determines the entire QA process. IoT-connected products would require chips with an ultra-small form factor, low power consumption and wireless connectivity options. Pozibility low power expert team works towards best functionality with low power consumption. More so, as chip size shrinks, density tends to increase to millions of gates on a single chip, and power dissipation occurring in the chip due to leakage will become very significant. In order to reduce the loss of power, several leakage power minimization techniques have been developed. Pozibilty carries out few tests which include reliability testing, fixing manufacturing issue ahead of time, encrypted data transferability, measuring performance while in operation, and interoperability etc.

Ayyamma Prakash Gudnavar: An Entrepreneur Carving Experts out of Fresh Engineers

Engineering itself is a war against an army of academics. An AICTE report elucidates that the winners of this war are not exactly the ‘winners’ as more than 60 percent of the engineers graduating across the country every year remain unemployed. An Electronics & Communication Engineer graduated in 1998, Ayyamma Prakash Gudnavar (Founder & CEO, Pozibility Technologies) had an intense crave to mitigate this chaos while establishing her organization Pozibility Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in 2016. “To save time, we all want to hire only the experienced and expensive senior engineers who are productive from day one, leaving behind fresh engineers who struggle to get a chance,”opines Ayyamma.

Coming out of the ‘Secure’ Aura Today, Pozibility not only has become one of the most preferred design services partner for semiconductor, Software andOEM companies, but also employs around 100 engineers under the aegis of Ayyamma, even before its first anniversary celebrations an unbelievable statistic in an industry like semiconductor! “When a fresher joins us and becomes an experienced senior who contributes to the industry over a period of time that brightness in his / her eyes gives me satisfaction & happiness, just like when I see a happy client of us,” asserts Ayyamma.

Despite the successful entrepreneurs, every human being has an inner feeling to become an entrepreneur, which either goes unrecognized or gets suppressed by the financial insecurity. In fact, to come out of that aura, it demands fearlessness, courage, & immense risk taking capability, which have been the buzzwords of Ayyamma’s entrepreneurial journey. “I never thought I would be able to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, but in fact, the years of experience changed my perception,” asserts Ayyamma. Nevertheless, induction in Intel Technologies was the first turning point of her career.

Ayyamma Prakash Gudnavar
-Founder & CEO

While Intel made her well acquainted with the futuristic technologies and its production, the next company she joined (Tata Elxsi)taught her the predominant lessons of technology services. Thus, after 13 years of close knit mediation with consumers, Ayyamma became a technology wizard who fulfills the customer’s expectations & challenges with ease – an asset to any organization. “I was working closely with customers for more than a decade, which has helped me a lot in my entrepreneurial journey,” she adds. Even though Ayyamma served as the Group Head of Tata Elxsi for many years, she underwent a business management training to concrete her courage to start her own company.